Physical Education


The PE Department is committed to providing a balanced and effective PE curriculum together with a full range of co-curricular clubs. Students are encouraged and expected to participate in a wide range of sports activities, taught and coached by our experienced staff.

 Our aim and objectives are:

  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can push themselves to excel
  • To ensure that all pupils are given access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • To maintain an environment in which teaching and learning are of the highest quality
  • To enhance and develop students understanding of the positive effects of a healthy and active lifestyle
  • To develop each individual’s abilities to the full, fostering a sense of physical and intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge which is lifelong
  • To promote mutual respect between individuals and recognise, in a positive way, their differences
  • To develop an awareness of strategies and tactics in sports
  • Promote an aesthetic appreciation of movement and encourage creativity and originality
  • To participate with respect, fair play and with a knowledge of rules and laws of different activities and sports 

Key Staff

Mr Johnson - Head of Department
Mr Fisher
Mrs McClatchie
Miss Kadodia
Miss Madzelewski
Mr Ashby
Miss Mills

Curriculum Intent

In PE we aim to develop the skills for ALL young people to become holistic learners whilst improving physical literacy and supporting physical, mental & social wellbeing as well as inspire a love of sport (for all??) and lifelong participation

Key Stage 3

After an initial induction period in Year 7, PE is taught in sets dependant on ability throughout KS3. Generally, these are single-gender groups but some sets are of mixed gender. Students receive 2 hr long lessons per week covering a broad and balanced curriculum and in line with the recommendations of the National Curriculum. The emphasis of lessons at this level is to maximise interest in sport and physical activity, broaden students’ knowledge and understanding of the importance of an active lifestyle.

KS3 Banding

Students will follow national guidelines throughout Key Stage 3 to support and prepare them for their Key Stage 4 courses. The school operates a banding system of 1-9 (9 being the highest band). Students will be given a target based upon their Key Stage 2 scores and baseline assessments on arrival at Edgbarrow.  The band they are awarded at the end of the Key Stage is intended to be indicative of the grade they may achieve at GCSE. Banding

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Assessment Plan

Key Stage 4


At Key Stage 4 students now also receive 2 hour-long lessons per fortnight. Students are permitted to opt for activities they enjoy but are also encouraged to ensure they participate in a variety of activities. Students opt at the beginning of each term for their activities with emphasis on participation, health and fitness and building upon skills and techniques developed in Key Stage 3. The curriculum is varied, new and different activities are added continually to enthuse students and encourage a high level of participation as a performer, coach or official. Some of these activities include Dodge Ball, Ultimate Frisbee, Aerobics and Cheerleading.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Assessment Plan


Students receive five lessons a fortnight – 2 practical and 3 theory. Groups are usually around 20-25 in number and are mixed ability and mixed gender. Practical lessons are delivered in blocks of 6-8 weeks focusing on Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, Rounders, Athletics, Netball and perhaps other sports the group or teacher believe to be appropriate. Students excelling in a sport not covered in PE lessons can usually use that sport as part of their assessment for their final PE grade.

Year 10 Curriculum Assessment Plan

Year 11 Curriculum Assessment Plan

Cambridge National in Sport Science

Students receive five lessons a fortnight – a mixture of practical and theory. Groups are usually around 20-25 in number and are mixed ability and mixed gender. The OCR certificate covers a very similar course content as the GCSE but is assessed differently. The PE staff will be happy to provide advice and guidance on which is the best course for a specific student.

Year 10 Curriculum Assessment Plan

Year 11 Curriculum Assessment Plan

Key Stage 5


Core PE is offered as an enrichment activity in the Sixth Form on Wednesday P5. Students opt to attend and participate in several different activities depending on the facilities and staff available. 

AQA A-Level PE

Students receive 8 hour-long lessons per fortnight. These lessons are mostly taught in the Sixth Form Centre. The lessons are split between two or three members of the PE staff, all responsible for certain areas of the course.

Year 12 Curriculum Assessment Plan

Year 13 Curriculum Assessment Plan

BTEC Level 3  Sport Science

Students receive 18 lessons per fortnight taught by 2 members of staff. 

Year 12 & 13 Single BTEC - Curriculum Assessment Plan 

Year 12 & 13 Double BTEC - Curriculum Assessment Plan

Co-curricular Activities

The department runs a wide range of co-curricular clubs and activities at both lunchtimes and after school. Clubs are open to anyone in the specified year group and students do not need to be invited or sign up. Schools teams are generally selected from the students who commit to the after-school practices and teams are generally run in all of the following sports:



Table Tennis




Cross Country






New-age Curling



The co-curricular timetable comes out at the start of each term and will be posted in every form room, in the PE department and will be emailed home to all parents.

At Edgbarrow we promote a fully inclusive co-curricular programme and this also applies to fixtures, competitions and tournaments. We do not have an elitist approach. We recognise hard work and attendance to clubs and this is what we look for when selecting our teams. We do not hold trials for teams, we just have regular training sessions during our co-curricular hours. So if a child is absent from these as we know there are other commitments they will not forfeit a place in the team. For home matches we try to include as many students as possible, for away fixtures we are limited to the capacity of the mini-bus.

For further information regarding our PE Curriculum please contact:
Mr Johnson (Head of Department)