Parent/Carer Surveys

At Edgbarrow we believe that in order to improve, we must have feedback from our stakeholders such as parents/carers and students.

Throughout the academic year, students are asked to complete a range of questionnaires about school life. This is followed up by asking for parental feedback from each year group.

Both surveys contribute to how we strategically improve Edgbarrow to ensure our students are getting an all-round, best experience.

2021-2022 Parent/Carer Surveys

Parents/Carers are supportive and trust the education their children receive at Edgbarrow.
The following are highlights from the parental/carer surveys and are rated agree and strongly agree.

Across the year groups, 96% of parents/carers believe their child is happy at school and 98% would recommend the school and sixth form to another parent/carer.

Our areas of strength being:

  • My child feels safe at this school.
  • My child makes good progress at this school.
  • My child is taught well at this school.
  • This school makes sure its pupils are well-behaved.
  • The school deals effectively with bullying.
  • The school is well-led and managed.
  • The school responds well to concerns I raise.
  • The new online parent evening is effective.
Areas for improvement for the next year are:
  • Find new ways to communicate with parents regarding behaviour data.

  • Catching up on lost learning from lockdown.