Assessment and Homework


We believe that marking should be effective both for students and teachers. Any marking of student’s work should offer feedback to students about their progress within that subject. It should also help teachers in the planning of their lessons based on student understanding. To this end, students self-assess and are regularly assessed informally in lessons, so they all have a clear view of progress and how to improve.

We teach students how to identify their learning pathway, prepare for more formal assessments and, above all, how to make progress. There are formal assessment points for each year group which can be found on the school website calendar. Students and parents will also receive grade reports, which will keep you informed of your child’s progress throughout the year.

We welcome every year group to a Student Progress evening where you can discuss your child’s progress.

School Marking Policy

For departmental assessment processes, please select this link.

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Homework should be purposeful and seek to consolidate or further learning. Research tells us that, if set appropriately, it contributes to students’ progress.

At Edgbarrow, we believe that homework should be set at relevant points in the learning, and we seek to give flexibility to teachers to take ownership of this. Furthermore, it is a tool to be used to enable us to support our students to develop study skills and become independent learners. We also believe that students should also be dedicating their time after school to looking after their well-being and spending time engaging with co-curricular activities, friends and family. Therefore, we seek to strike a balance so departments will set homework when appropriate to the stage of learning.

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