Politics touches everything that we do, it conditions everything around us and it forms our understanding of who we are. Politics is about people and power. It deals with the facts and issues which are crucial to the lives of us all.

Students will develop a critical awareness of the nature of government and politics in both the UK and the USA. They will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding of the structure of authority and power within political systems and gain a sense of the rights and responsibilities of individuals and groups within society.

The course will allow students to develop skills of analysis, problem-solving and independent study. Teaching and learning styles will be varied, with the emphasis on discussion, group work, research and the need to keep up to date with current issues. The use of technology to enable access to the media, in all its forms, will be at the heart of the course as we seek to engage, stimulate and develop students’ passion for the subject.

Key Stage 5

AS Level

Unit 1 - People, Politics and Participation. This includes studying voting behaviour, electoral systems and pressure groups, 50% of AS (25% of A Level).
Unit 2 - Governing Modern Britain. This involves studying the British Constitution, Parliament and the Executive, 50% of AS (25% of A Level).

A2 Level

Unit 3 - The Politics of the USA. This includes studying political parties, direct democracy and voting behaviour, 25% of A Level.
Unit 4 - The Government of the USA. This involves studying the US Constitution, the Supreme Court and the Executive, 25% of A Level.

Future Opportunities

Government and Politics provide a sound base for further study in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The skills of critical thinking, analysis, research and communication equip students for a wide range of careers including law, journalism, human resources and management. For some, it may even lead to a career in government, party politics or the Civil Service.

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