School Uniform

The wearing of the correct uniform while travelling to and from school and during the school day is very important to us. We feel that it sets the standard in terms of high expectations, and a purposeful attitude towards work, while promoting the school and our ethos. We rely very much on the co-operation of students and parents in helping us to set and maintain high standards of dress and appearance.

To ensure consistency and clarity, parents will be offered two recognised suppliers for purchasing some items of uniform.

Equivalent items may be purchased from any High Street retailer or supermarket and must be Harrow grey in colour. Harrow grey is dark grey.

All items of uniform and PE kit must be named.

Second-hand uniforms can be purchased from our second-hand uniform sales. These are organised by our PTA and are held a few times during the year. If you require second-hand items at other times of the year please email





Option 1
Shirt & Tie:

Option 2

Option 3
After May Half Term






Harrow grey, flat front and slim leg, no stretch fabrics, skinny or tight fit.

Plain and black

Harrow grey, knee length, stitched down pleats.

Pale blue, polycotton (plain) with short sleeves or long sleeves - tucked into waistband. School tie (SWI or school) worn with badge showing. (can be purchased at Trutex)

Pale blue, polycotton blouse with revere collar (short or long sleeves) -
tucked into waistband. (can be purchased at Trutex)

Badged Polo shirt (available on SWI website)
Tailored shorts (must be tailored and Harrow Grey)

Dark blue with Edgbarrow badge (SWI)

Plain navy with V neckline and Edgbarrow logo (SWI) (Optional)

Black leather formal/business shoes with backs and low heels –
no ‘ trainer type’ shoes including branded all-black examples.
Canvas/material shoes are not acceptable for safety reasons.

Plain grey or black

Grey, black or neutral

 SUMMER UNIFORM - worn from the second half-term of the Summer term.

Do not need to wear a tie, jumper or blazer.

Do not need to wear tights.

Plain grey or black ankle socks allowed.

Polo shirt badged allowed.

Shorts - tailored, Harrow grey allowed.

If the weather is chilly, all students need to wear their school jumper or blazer. No other form of jumper or coat is allowed to be worn.

Compulsory PE Kit
 - APTUS Essentials S/S Training Tee with Edgbarrow badge*
 - Navy Blue Sports Shorts*
 - Navy Blue Football socks for Rugby, Hockey and Football*
 - White ankle/crew sport socks
 - Astro trainers suitable for use on grass throughout the year.
- Shin pads are compulsory for all football and hockey lessons and after-school clubs and matches.
 - Gum shields are compulsory for all contact rugby and all hockey lessons and after-school clubs and matches.

Option 1:
Multi-Sport shirt* for Rugby/Outdoor wear.


Option 2:
APTUS ¼ Zip Training Top with Edgbarrow badge* for Outdoor wear.

Optional PE Kit
 - Navy blue non-branded Sports Tracksuit bottoms*
 - Navy blue non-branded Thermal Base layer*
 - Navy blue non-branded Skort*
 - Navy blue non-branded Leggings*

Football boots with rugby-safe studs for students wishing to attend afterschool football/rugby clubs (optional).


*supplied by Sportswear International (SWI)


Students should wear a plain coat or jacket.  Tracksuit tops, fleece and denim jackets and clothing with slogans, flags and large motifs are not suitable and are not appropriate. Fluorescent safety bands are acceptable in winter.

The school does not accept:

  • haircuts of extreme fashion, engraved design in hair or unnatural colours
  • facial piercings (e.g. nose studs)
  • jewellery except for a wristwatch; one pair of earrings that should be discreet and appropriate for school. 2 earrings per ear (e.b. no open style hoops).
  • nail varnish/nail extensions (e.g. gels, acrylic nails)
  • makeup is not allowed in Years 7-9. Girls in Years 10-11 may wear light make-up which is discreet and natural in colour
  • Headphones are not part of the uniform and should not be seen or worn during the school day

Any request for modifying the school uniform for religious reasons must be made in writing to the Headteacher before admittance.