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Edgbarrow School


Edgbarrow is proud to be a comprehensive school, which promotes an inclusive environment where all students are supported to achieve and make progress. It is important to us that we offer a well-rounded education in a school where students feel happy and safe. Our aim is to promote and strive for academic excellence, mutual respect and a sense of community within a vibrant working environment. We are determined that all individuals reach their full potential, develop their talents and acquire skills for life.

Our curriculum is ambitious and designed to provide all learners, in particular the most disadvantaged and those with SEND, with the knowledge, skills and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. Our inclusive culture ensures that robust systems are in place to support the early identification of those pupils who may be disadvantaged, have additional needs or barriers to learning. Once identified, a range of support measures are put in place to help these students engage positively with the curriculum and school experience to help them achieve positive outcomes.

There are many strands to our inclusion work and the team is here to provide help, encouragement and additional support to students and their families.  

Inclusion is split into three key areas:

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