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Edgbarrow School

Our Governors

All schools are managed by a Local Governing Body, which works closely with the Headteacher and senior staff to run the school in line with DfE and Local Authority guidelines.

The Edgbarrow Local Governing Body consists of two-parent governors, one staff governor, the Headteacher ex officio and sixteen co-opted governors. They are all volunteers who give their time and expertise free of charge to ensure that the school is run well, within budget and putting the needs and well-being of pupils and staff at the forefront.

As with any large organisation, the managers, in our case, the Governors, work on a number of committees that cover various aspects of the school's organisation. These include Curriculum, Finance & Buildings, Staffing, Pastoral and Effective Governance.

The Governing board has the following core strategic functions.

Establishing the strategic direction, by:

  • Setting the vision, values, and objectives for the school

  • Agreeing on the school improvement strategy with priorities and targets

  • Meeting statutory duties

Governors hold an important public office and their identity should be known to their school and wider communities. In the interests of transparency, a governing body should publish on its website up-to-date details of its governance arrangements in a readily accessible form. Readily accessible means that the information should be on a webpage without the need to download or open a separate document.

If you would like to find out more about the role of the Governors or if you wish to contact the Governors regarding a particular matter, please feel free to contact Celeste Moruzzi the Clerk to the Governing Body, via the school office. She will be able to direct your enquiry to the appropriate Governor or committee. All our Governors are very approachable.

If you are interested in becoming a Co-opted Governor please complete our application form below.Governor Application Form

At the meeting of the Edgbarrow Local Governing Body on 7th March 2018 the following proposals for the constitution of the new Local Governing Body of Edgbarrow School on joining the Corvus Learning Trust were agreed.

The Local Governing Body will consist of:
i) 16 Co-opted Governors: Appointed by the local governing body
ii) Two Parent Governors: Appointed after ballot of parents
iii) One Staff Governor: Appointed after ballot of school staff
iv) The Headteacher: Ex-officio (to be in place retrospectively from 1st January 2018)

Governing Body

Committees/Special Roles

Parent Governors
(Appointing Body: Parents)


Mr Andrew Johnson - LGB; Finance and Buildings; Staffing; Health & Safety
Mrs Sonia Kay - LGB; Finance & Buildings; Pastoral



Mr Stuart Matthews - Curriculum Learning & Outcomes; Finance and Buildings SLT Lead; LGB; Pastoral; Staffing; School Admissions

Staff Governors
(Appointing Body: Staff)


Mr Oli Johnson - Finance and Buildings; Staffing; LGB; Staff Health and Safety Representative 

Co-opted Governors
(Appointing Body: Local Governor Body)

Mr Kofi Adu-Gyamfi - LGB; Finance & Buildings; Curriculum Learning & Outcomes
Mrs Kate Benson - LGB; Staffing; Pastoral
Miss Rebekah Brumby - Chair of Curriculum Learning & Outcomes; Vice-Chair of Effective Governance; SEND Governor; Pupil Premium and Pupil Inclusion Governor; LGB; Finance & Buildings
Mr Jason Cooper - LGB; Staffing; Curriculum Learning & Outcomes
Mrs Emma Flower - Staff Discipline Panel Lead; Vice-Chair Staffing; Pay Committee; Sustainability Governor; LGB; Pastoral; Staffing
Mrs Alison Hancock - Chair of Finance & Buildings; Chair of School Admissions; Pay Committee; Inventory Governor; Website Reviewer; LGB; Effective Governance; Pastoral
Mrs Daphne Hill - Chair of Governors; Chair of Effective Governance; Headteacher Appraisal Panel; Pay Appeals Lead; Staffing; Development Governor; LGB
Mrs Emily James - LGB; Curriculum Learning & Outcomes; Pastoral
Mr Dan Jordan - LGB; Finance & Buildings; Staffing
Mr Richard McCready - Chair School Admissions; Vice-Chair of Finance & Buildings; Staff Complaint Panel Lead; E-Safety Governor; Cyber Security Governor; Liaison Governor in the event of allegation (child protection) against Headteacher; Whistleblowing Complaints Panel Lead; LGB; Curriculum Learning & Outcomes; Pay Committee
Ms Sally McNamara - LGB; Curriculum Learning & Outcomes; Vice-Chair of Pastoral
Mrs Sarah Pemberton - Chair of Pastoral; Safeguarding Governor; Pupil Exclusions Panel Lead; Well-being Champion; Child Protection and Children in Care Governor (LAC); LGB; Curriculum Learning & Outcomes; Effective Governance; School Admissions
Mr Charles St Aubyn - Vice-Chair of Governors; Chair of Staffing; Recruitment Panel Lead; Pay Committee; Headteacher Appraisal Panel; LGB; Effective Governance; Curriculum Learning & Outcomes
Mr Matt Whiddett - LGB; Pastoral; Curriculum Learning & Outcomes
Mrs Lynda Wood - Vice-Chair Curriculum Learning & Outcomes; LGB; Pastoral; Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Governor

Governors in the past 12 months (1st May 2023 to date)

David Boothe 

 LGB; Chair of Governors; Chair of Effective Governance; Headteacher Appraisal Panel; Pay Appeals Lead; Staffing

Lee Daley

LGB; Finance & Buildings; Staffing

Charlotte Gouldsmith-Leigh

LGB; Pastoral; Curriculum Learning & Outcomes 

Lou Griffin 

LGB; Curriculum Learning & Outcomes; Staffing 

Steven James 

LGB; Finance & Buildings; Staffing  

Charlotte Revill

LGB; Finance & Buildings; Curriculum Learning & Outcomes  

John Russell-Smith

LGB; Staff Health & Safety Representative; Pastoral; Staffing

Carole Valette

LGB; Equality, Diversion & Inclusion Governor; Pastoral; Finance & Buildings 

Governor Appointment and Attendance

Classification Governor Name Appointed Term of Office Ends
Parent Governors Mr Andrew Johnson 12.11.21 11.11.25
Mrs Sonia Kay 14.11.23 13.11.27
Headteacher Mr Stuart Matthews 01.09.18 Ex Officio
Staff Governors Mr Oli Johnson 27.09.23 26.09.27
Co-opted Governors Mr Kofi Adu-Gyamfi 08.01.24 07.01.28
Mrs Kate Benson 08.01.24 07.01.28
Miss Rebekah Brumby 20.06.18



Mr Jason Cooper 08.01.24 07.01.28
Mrs Emma Flower 15.01.20
Mrs Lou Griffin 16.11.22 15.11.26
Mrs Alison Hancock 14.11.18
Mrs Daphne Hill 16.11.16


Mrs Emily James 11.09.23 10.09.27
Mr Dan Jordan 08.01.24 07.01.28
Mr Richard McCready 14.11.18
Ms Sally McNamara 16.11.22 15.11.26
Mrs Sarah Pemberton 01.01.18 15.11.20
Mr Charles St Aubyn 16.11.16
Mr Matt Whiddett 24.04.23 23.04.27
Mrs Lynda Wood 15.01.20