Social Sciences


The Social Sciences Department wants all students:

  • To enjoy and become fascinated by the wonder of Social Sciences subject which they study
  • To develop as independent and analytical thinkers
  • To explore and question the social world around them
  • To achieve the highest standards of academic excellence

We teach Social Science because it encourages self-awareness and reflection about wider society. We believe it is important that all Social Science subjects are taught in an exciting and yet academically rigorous way that uses all forms of media that are available. Students are able to explore new concepts and ideas in each of the Social Science we offer which develop curiosity and a deeper understanding of social structures and behaviour. Each subject also incorporates critically analysis of data and texts which allow students to interpret and draw their own conclusions.

 Homework Intent

Independent study is essential to Sixth Form study and a wide range of tasks can be set by teachers in order to develop these skills. Teachers will set at least one independent study-focused task each week.
Independent study can take a number of forms including: 

  • online research tasks
  • written tasks
  • wider reading
  • recall of information from Knowledge Organisers.
  • revision and preparation for end of topic tests.

Tasks may also be targeted to develop wider interest in the subject as well as those more focused on the exam specification and the controlled assessments.


Criminology examines why crime is committed as well as how the criminal justice system works and how crime leads to social policy change. 

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Health & Social Care

Health and Social care learners benefit from opportunities for deep learning where they are able to make connections among units and select areas of interest for detailed study.

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Students will learn about the legal system, law-making, the nature of law, criminal law, human rights law and the law of contract.

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Studying Psychology will enable students to investigate topics such as aggression, abnormality and dreams; psychology seeks answers to questions such as: What is the influence of childhood experience?

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The subject of Sociology allows students to question and challenge the social world around them. 

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