Admissions Procedure

Applications for admission to Year 7 from September 2024 must be made to your home local authority no matter which school you are applying for. If you are considering applying for the Year 7, September 2024 intake at Edgbarrow School, then the school must be named as a preference on your application to your home local authority. All admissions are processed through Bracknell Forest Council. Please visit ‘Starting Secondary School’ for further information about how and when to apply.

Before you apply, please ensure you have read and understood our admission arrangements. These arrangements confirm how applications will be processed by the admission authority, and include our oversubscription criteria, which explains how places will be allocated should the school receive more applications than there are available places.

When do I apply:
For September 2024 entry – Applications open 12 September 2023 and close 31 October 2023.
Please see below for further admissions procedures and criteria.

Outcomes will be provided by your home local authority on National Offer Day; 1 March 2024. If you are offered a school place, you will need to confirm your acceptance of this offer by the deadline provided within your outcome letter from your home local authority.

Admission Procedures and Criteria

Year 7 from September 2024

(These children would have a date of birth between 01 September 2012 and 31 August 2013.) To make an application you will need to contact your home local authority for further information on how to apply.

In-Year Applications

If you wish to apply for a place for your child outside of the Year 7 round above because you have recently moved to the area or wish to move your child to Edgbarrow School, then you will need to complete an in-year application form.

In-year applications are made through Bracknell Forest Council; please visit their website to make an application.

Appeals for a place at Edgbarrow School

If we have not been able to offer your child a place, this is because there were more applications for the school than there were available places and not all requests for places could be met. Places are allocated in line with the published admissions criteria and your application was not ranked high enough to obtain a place.

Your home local authority should provide you with further information regarding reason for refusals, waiting lists and how to exercise your right to appeal. Please refer to the documents below for further information, including our reason for refusal document:

Contact details

If you have any queries about admissions for Edgbarrow School, please do not hesitate to contact us or Bracknell Forest Council

To view our school prospectus – please click here.

Current consultations for local schools

Bracknell Forest are consulting on changing the Admission Arrangements for the Community and Voluntary Controlled Secondary and Primary Schools for 2025-26.
Attached is the proposed admission arrangements and the proposed overview document which includes information on how to respond.

Hampshire County Council, in accordance with statutory requirements, is consulting on proposed changes to the admission arrangements for 2025/26 for community and voluntary controlled schools within its area and would like to hear your views.
You can view the full consultation, including how to respond, at
The consultation will run from Monday 13 November to Friday 29 December 2023.

The Circle Trust are consulting on changing the Admission Arrangements for Emmbrook Infant and Emmbrook Junior Schools for 2025-26.

Proposed Admission Arrangement - Emmbrook Infant School 2025-26

Proposed Admission Arrangement - Emmbrook Junior School 2025-26