Online Safety

EDGSafe posterEdgbarrow wants to ensure online learning is safe, fun and engaging for the students in our community. On joining our school, you will receive a login to our system. This includes an email account, space to save documents and files, filtered access to the internet, and logins for various online resources. There are central filtering systems which block sites with inappropriate content. Email accounts are accessible to senior staff and may be monitored. We use an industry-standard firewall to ensure our web filtering is appropriate and this is annually checked using Friendly Wifi. If you have any concerns, please contact the school.

There are risks in using any technology and unfortunately, some young people may expose themselves to danger either knowingly or unknowingly. We teach students about responsible and appropriate behaviours as well as how to remain safe and legal when using the internet and related technology wherever you may be.

Students sign a Student Acceptable Use Agreement, this agreement covers important e-safety topics and fosters an understanding of the key issues surrounding the use of ICT and the internet in and out of school. These include the use of school IT systems, email and social media, privacy, data protection, use of images and more. 

Please click on the link to view our e-safety EDGSafe poster.

If you wish to extend your understanding of e-safety please use the links below: 

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Source: National Online Safety

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Online Safety Training & Support




Please contact CEOP for reporting any online abuse.