The Pastoral Team

Our Ethos

"Our aim is for our students to be responsible, active and respectful citizens who will have developed as individuals and as part of a community. They will be ready to thrive personally and academically and take opportunities offered to develop their talents and acquire skills for later life. This will be achieved within an inclusive, safe and enriching environment. They will understand how to keep themselves safe and have a good understanding of their own character and beliefs. Edgbarrow students will embody our values Ready, Respectful, Safe and Positive."

Each child will be placed into a tutor group for their five years at Edgbarrow. They will remain, where possible, with the same Head of Year and Tutor for their time with us. We believe this rolling system allows us to make trusting and purposeful relationships with the student and their families to ensure their academic success and personal development. It helps build a sense of family and community within our tutor groups.

Each year team has its own distinct character but all underpin the values Ready Respectful Safe and Positive. Each Tutor group has a personalised programme of activities during tutor time including form reading, maths challenge and the competitive weekly quiz.

Assemblies support their social, moral spiritual, and cultural education and give the opportunity for the year group to meet together.

Throughout the year there are opportunities for the year group to come together to celebrate with the termly rewards raffle and year groups trips and for individuals to develop their own character skills such as leadership and cooperation via the form rep and Inter-form competitions.

Pastoral structure v5

 Student views about fixed Tutor Group:
  • 'Can talk openly about anything and everything.'
  • 'They all listen to one another and on whole will be supportive.'
  • 'They help each other solve potential problems/issues.'
  • 'Work as a team because we know each other so well.'
  • 'Feels like a family.'
  • 'Happy they can go to tutor with any problem.'
Student views about fixed Head of Year system:
  • 'Like the fact that you build a relationship with your head of year and they know your family really well too.'
  • 'Trust is built over the 5 years because they know you so well.'
  • 'Become more comfortable discussing more sensitive subjects with them.'
  • 'It means everything is consistent and you know where you stand and the year group gets that stability.'
  • 'Helps learning as again will know what is best for each individual.'