At Edgbarrow we are committed to providing an inclusive environment where every child receives high quality teaching and pastoral care. Our aim is to overcome barriers to learning and to make sure that the needs of all learners are met. We take a whole school approach in our provision for students with special educational needs, with all staff sharing in the support of their disabilities, difficulties, learning and wellbeing. Our expectation is that SEND students follow the same curriculum, learn alongside their peers and achieve similar outcomes.

Within our Progress Department, we are proud to have a team of highly skilled practitioners who provide quality support in the classroom, thereby ensuring effective SEND practice is embedded across the school. The content and sequencing of our targeted interventions are planned in line with the mainstream curriculum, with a particular focus on Literacy and Numeracy. These interventions offer opportunities to revisit and consolidate learning, thereby ensuring knowledge and skill retention and deep learning.

We are extremely proud of the outcomes our students achieve, the destinations they reach and how they develop as individuals during their time with us.

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Key Staff

Ms Patel – Head of Progress and SENCO; SEND and Science Teacher
Mrs Hutchinson - Head of Inclusion
Mrs Wood – Second in Department; SEND and Maths Teacher; Qualified in SPELL Framework
Mrs Leiba – SEND; English and SALT Teacher; SPLD Specialist and Assessor; EAL Coordinator
Mrs Igoe - SEND Teacher; Nurture Group Lead
Mrs Benger - SEND Teacher; SPLD Specialist and Assessor
Mrs Wilmot – SPLD Specialist and Assessor; Access Arrangements Coordinator; HLTA; Mental Health First Aider 
Mrs Roberts – Social Skills and ASD HLTA; Hearing and visual impairment Coordinator
Mrs Dobson – Progress Department Administrator; HLTA
Mrs O'Rourke - Qualified ELSA practitioner 

Individualised Approach

The department adopts an individualised approach to each child's difficulties and aims to work with teaching staff, the pastoral system and parents to help children to accept their difficulties, learn to manage them independently and attain their potential. A staged system of support, which includes assistance from outside agencies if appropriate and regular target setting, monitoring and review, is implemented by an experienced team of Teachers and Learning Support Assistants.

Integrated Support

Much of the support given is within the normal classroom environment but occasionally pupils work in small groups or individually with specialist teachers. Pupils with Educational Health Care Plans are integrated into all aspects of the curriculum.

Key Stage 3

Curriculum Intent

Our intent is to create an inclusive environment where barriers to learning are overcome ensuring SEND students can access the curriculum and learn alongside their peers to achieve similar outcomes. Through quality first teaching students will gain key skills and knowledge as well as increased independence and confidence equipping them for adulthood and the wider world.

Homework Intent

Homework is not set by the Progress Department. We support students to complete their homework for other curriculum areas through Curriculum Support lessons, 1:1s and Homework Club.


The school operates a banding system of 1-9 (9 being the highest band). On arrival at Edgbarrow each student will be given a target in each subject based upon their Key Stage 2 scores and baseline assessments. The band they are awarded at the end of the Key Stage is intended to be indicative of the grade they may achieve at GCSE. The bands given by mainstream teachers are considered by the Progress department when planning lessons and monitoring progress.

Summary Curriculum Plan

Key Stage 3


Year 7 Beginners EAL

Year 7 EAL 

Year 8 EAL

Year 9 EAL


Year 7 Literacy

Year 8 Literacy

Year 9 Literacy


Year 7 Numeracy

Year 8 Numeracy

Year 9 Numeracy


Year 7 SPLD

Year 7 Comprehension

Year 7 Planning Writing

Year 7 Numeracy


Speech and Language (SALT)

Year 7 Speech & Language

Year 8 Speech & Language

Year 9 Speech & Language

Social Skills

Year 7 Social Skills

Year 8 Social Skills

Year 9 Social Skills

Key Stage 4

Curriculum Intent

The aim of curriculum support is to provide students in Key Stage 4 with additional opportunities to develop their fundamental Literacy and Numeracy skills. Academic progress across the wider curriculum is also supported through opportunities for independent and guided study.

Our aim is to support subject teachers in ensuring our students make progress in Maths, English and across their option subjects. Lessons involve time to revisit work from the mainstream curriculum thereby consolidating learning to ensure skills and knowledge are retained in the long-term memory. Revision techniques and exam preparation are an integral part of these sessions.

Our pupils’ success will be recognised through increased confidence in their subjects. We also aim for students to have the key skills they require for all aspects of adulthood and engagement with the wider world.

Summary Curriculum Plan

Key Stage 4

Curriculum Support

Year 10 & 11 Curriculum Support

Social Skills

Year 10 Social Skills

Year 11 Social Skills


Year 10 ASDAN

Year 11 ASDAN

Key Stage 5

Summary Curriculum Plan

Key Stage 5 Curriculum Support



It is our intent that pupils with special educational needs/disabilities (SEND) follow the same curriculum, learn alongside their peers and achieve similar outcomes.

In addition, they may benefit from additional opportunities in the lessons and in the co-curricular activities that are arranged especially for them.

SEND Implementation and Impact

Pupil Premium Intent


Co-curricular activities led by qualified staff, such as homework club and Progress PE club, allow our students to consolidate relevant skills which support their learning across the curriculum and promote confidence and mental and physical wellbeing.

Enrichment activities such as theatre trips, college visits and social skills trips create opportunities to develop independence and improved mental health and wellbeing.

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Progress Gardening Club

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Independent Study 

Key Stage 3 & 4

Times Table Rockstars

Students have individual logins for each of the above.


BBC Bitesize
Oak National Academy
YouTube - Mr Bruff
English Club
British Council

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Key Stage 5

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For further information regarding our Progress Department please contact:
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