Bad Weather Procedures

Edgbarrow School believes that every lesson is important and will, therefore, seek to minimise the impact of bad weather on the normal operation of the school.

In rare circumstances where it is not possible to operate the school safely and action is required, the following risk factors are considered:

  • Is the site safe for staff and pupils to attend?
  • Are sufficient staff able to access the site in order to be able to operate safely?
  • Are all utilities and services able to operate (water, heating, electricity, and kitchen)?
  • Are staff and students able to travel to and from the site safely?

Decisions about closing the school or sending students home early will not be taken lightly and will be done in consultation with the Governors. We will always endeavour to open the school when we are safely able to do so.
In the event of snow or bad weather, a decision will be made by the Headteacher and/or members of SLT regarding whether it is safe to open the school site. If the decision is made to close the school this will be communicated via our website, social media and email to parents/carers and staff.  In the event of a closure during the school day, parents will be notified by text or email. All students will be kept safe until collected or authorisation is received from parents/carers that they may be released.

Parents/carers will be informed in the following way:

  • A text message to inform families that the school is closed (please keep your contact details up-to-date)
  • Social media and email
  • Updated information on the homepage of the school’s website

We are aware that bad weather by its nature is disruptive and can cause anxiety. Therefore, any action due to poor weather will be posted immediately on our website and social media and announced on local radio stations. Please avoid phoning school if you can.  If we are open, the website and our social media will have the up-to-date procedures.

Severe Weather Overnight

If the school has to be closed, a message will be read out on local radio stations.

  • Closure will also be communicated on our website.
  • If any students arrive at school unaware of the closure, a member of staff will be there to help. Students may phone parents/carers without charge to decide whether they should return home or wait to be collected.
  • The school will make a decision as to whether school will open, close or have a delayed opening to allow time for the premises team to clear and grit the pathways.
  • In the event of snow and the school does open, students may be asked to wear suitable footwear appropriate for the weather conditions.
Weather Deteriorates During the Day
  • The school will be closed early only in extreme cases.
  • The decision to close the school will be made by the Headteacher/SLT in consultation with Governors.
  • Decisions about early closure will be communicated to staff and students as soon as this is appropriate.
  • After consulting the bus companies, students who use school buses will be told of any potential changes to normal routes so they can decide the best way home.
  • Students being collected from school or with other arrangements will be allowed to phone home for advice on what to do.
  • Students who can walk home will be sent preferably in family groups or in the company of other students who live near each other.
Lessons During Periods of Severe Weather
  • On the first day of closure teachers will endeavour to set work on Google classroom, to be completed that day, at a time convenient to families.
  • Should a closure last beyond one day, students will be asked to follow timetable lessons which will be live or with work set on Google classroom.
Examinations During Periods of Severe Weather

Where possible the school will open for public examinations. If there are examinations on the day of a closure, please check the website for instructions for candidates.

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