As the Sixth Form increases in size, so does our potential to do more sport. Wednesday afternoons are generally when activities or matches take place, but there is a very flexible approach to sport. We encourage students to play as much sport as possible and we hope that you can add to our talent pool.

Operation Wallacea

Every two years we offer our students the opportunity to take part in a significant overseas expedition. In 2018 we are taking a group to South Africa. The first week they work with scientists collecting data and conducting environmental research in the forest, and in the second week they complete a PADI diving qualification and survey the sea bed. This is a challenging and rewarding experience that helps to develop important life skills. As well as being personally enriching, this experience is superb for the students’ CV or university application.

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Supplementary Activities

In the Sixth Form we offer a range of enrichment opportunities organised for or by the Sixth Form team of students. The captains play a major role in this organisation. All Year 12 students must complete at least 30 hours of Work Experience as part of their Study Programme. We also encourage students to undertake some form of voluntary activity, in or outside of school as we genuinely want our Sixth Formers to see the community as part of their lives, and to take some responsibility in it. They are very capable young people, and they can play a huge role in our community.


At Edgbarrow Sixth Form we encourage students to aim for Oxbridge and other elite universities. We help them to gain as much experience as possible, to raise students’ aspirations. Last year students attended summer courses at Imperial College, Cambridge and shadowed students at Oxford. At present, 13 students have applied to Oxbridge and a further four have applied to study medicine for 2018. There is also a prospective vet.