Art & Photography


Art and Design is a practical subject which encourages students to learn about themselves and the world around them in a creative way. Students learn about the visual qualities of different materials and how to manipulate these to suit their own purpose. There is an emphasis on the vocational nature of the subject, encouraging students to express themselves using a variety of media. Students develop their practical abilities whilst also developing their thinking skills and ability to respond analytically to aesthetics.

Key Staff

Mrs Owens - Head of Department
Mr Fayers - Teacher of Art
Mrs Roylance - Teacher of Art
Mrs Giles - Teacher of Art & Photography
Mrs Jackson - Photography HLTA/technician


Art and Design is taught in four specialist Art rooms with access to a range of two-dimensional and three-dimensional materials. One of these rooms is a dedicated ceramics room. Another is a studio specifically for sixth form students. Students have the opportunity to work independently, in groups and on a range of scales. There is also access to a suite of computers so students can explore digital photo manipulation and graphic design and a photography studio with a selection of backdrops and lights.

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Curriculum Intent

In this ever-increasing visual world, it is important for everyone to learn how to communicate their ideas effectively. We aim to develop creative learners, who are confident in expressing themselves independently in a range of visual media

Key Stage 3

Students in Year 7 and 8 are introduced to basic skills such as drawing from observation and using tone. They work through six projects that have varying themes contained within them; ‘Colour’, ‘Tone’, ‘Ceramics’, ‘Printmaking’, ‘Graphics’, ‘3-Dimensional’.

Projects in Year 9 become more self-directed with students being encouraged to respond to a theme in individual ways. Students might look as an example of a project title; 'Urban and Rural Landscapes', 'Architecture', 'Figure Drawing and Fashion Illustration', and 'Surrealism'.

KS3 Banding

Students will follow national guidelines throughout Key Stage 3 to support and prepare them for their Key Stage 4 courses. The school operates a banding system of 1-9 (9 being the highest band). Students will be given a target based upon their Key Stage 2 scores and baseline assessments on arrival at Edgbarrow.  The band they are awarded at the end of the Key Stage is intended to be indicative of the grade they may achieve at GCSE.


Curriculum Plan - Rotation
Years 7 & 8
Year 9

Skills Rotation
Years 7/8
Year 9


Year 7/8 Curriculum Assessment Plan

Year 9 Curriculum Assessment Plan

Key Stage 4

We offer GCSE Fine Art & GCSE Photography.

At GCSE level, students develop a more sophisticated approach to their artwork. The focus is on building a successful portfolio of work which demonstrates their strongest abilities. Students are encouraged to develop a much more independent and experimental approach to their work.

In Year 10 and 11 students develop their skills in drawing as well as a wide range of different techniques. Students work on two controlled assessment projects to build a portfolio of work that forms 60% of their final GCSE grade. They are given a selection of starting points to create a very personal, self-directed project. Through this, they demonstrate recording skills as well as an ability to develop their own ideas and experiment with a range of materials.

Year 10/11 Art Curriculum Assessment Plan

Year 10/11 Photography Curriculum Assessment Plan

Curriculum Plan

KS4 Art
KS4 Photography

Skills Learnt

Year 10 Art
Year 10 Photography
Year 11 Art
Year 11 Photography


Key Stage 5

We offer A-Level Fine Art and A-Level Photography.

At A-Level, students are able to work in painting and drawing, sculpture and ceramics, printmaking, digital and video art and mixed media. Students are required to submit a coursework portfolio containing a personal investigation and complete an examination project.

Year 12/13 Art Curriculum Assessment Plan

Year 12/13 Photography Curriculum Assessment Plan 

Curriculum Plan

KS5 Art
KS5 Photography

Skills Learnt

Year 12 Art
Year 12 Photography
Year 13 Art
Year 13 Photography


For further information regarding our Art & Photography Curriculum please contact:

Miss Owens