Our aim is to share our passion for languages with our students and inspire them to use them at home and in their lives outside of the classroom walls. We believe in the power of learning a language. Where else will you be given opportunities to meet and build friendships with people that live thousands of miles away in a different part of the world? Learning languages open doors to a world of different cultures, traditions, food, music, history… the list is endless. The skills you learn here will stay with you for years to come.
Our Languages Department offers French, German and Spanish as Modern Languages and our team of seven specialist language teachers deliver innovative and diverse lessons, using a range of up to date resources, authentic materials and the latest technology to bring the languages we love, to life.

We are very pleased to share our pupils’ outstanding results.

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Key Staff

Mrs Brandist - Head of Department
Mr Evans
Mrs Gingell
Miss Guillen
Mrs Lagna
Mrs Lawrance
Mrs Petri
Mr Ruiz Villar

Key Stage 3

Our current Year 7 pupils learn either French or Spanish. Some of them will also take up German as a second language in Year 8 and continue with the two until the end of Year 9 when they will be able to choose to continue one or both languages to GCSE and then onto A-Level. All three languages follow current courses that use interactive technology and workbooks. We encourage our pupils to bring workbooks and dictionaries to lessons to aid them in their language learning. We encourage all pupils to visit the countries where the languages they are studying are spoken and offer study visits or exchanges in Key Stage 3 to support their learning.

KS3 Banding

Students will follow national guidelines throughout Key Stage 3 to support and prepare them for their Key Stage 4 courses. The school operates a banding system of 1-9 (9 being the highest band). Students will be given a target based upon their Key Stage 2 scores and baseline assessments on arrival at Edgbarrow. The band they are awarded at the end of the Key Stage is intended to be indicative of the grade they may achieve at GCSE.


Key Stage 4

We follow the Edexcel course in French, Spanish and German. Topics include music, media, health, leisure, fashion, education and work, the environment and social issues. The course links the grammar and vocabulary from Key Stage to new words and structures develop confident speaking and writing skills while deepening understanding of the language. We use a wide variety of materials and activities including authentic materials, film and video clips to bring the language out of the classroom into real life. There are also opportunities at Key Stage 4 to visit the countries and put their language skills into practice.
A language GCSE provides our students with a highly valued skill that employers are looking for. They are also well prepared to continue their language studies A-Level and beyond. A modern language GCSE is part of the measurement for the English Baccalaureate and is an entry requirement for some universities. 

Key Stage 5

We are very pleased to be able to offer Edexcel French, German and Spanish, to A-Level. A-Level languages are an exciting challenge for our students and open doors to the culture and ideas of the countries where the languages they are studying are spoken.
Our linguists build in confidence rapidly and in Year 12 and 13 develop the skills to speak spontaneously and fluently. The course not only fosters a love of language but also a love of culture, through watching films, listening to music, learning about literature and history, as well as an in-depth discussion of current affairs. The skills that the course builds on range from communication and presentation skills to independent learning, essay writing, debate. Our students are given the tools to actively use their language in their future travels and careers….the hard work at GCSE pays off and they feel the excitement of being able to speak fluently in a foreign language. Trips are also offered to our A-Level students to France, Germany and Spain, an opportunity to put their language to use!

For further information regarding our Modern Languages Curriculum please contact:
Mrs Brandist