Home Learning - FAQs

We hope you are all well. As we enter the summer term we want to answer some frequently asked questions and offer reassurance.Copy of Remote Learning FAQs cropped

Learning from home is a unique situation and is presenting some challenges for all of us. We simply expect parents/carers to do their best with the resources provided by us in very difficult circumstances. We have received some fabulous examples of home learning from our students so please continue to send these in if you can. Well done.


  • Help the children have a balanced routine including; work, breaks, contacting family and friends, exercise, fresh air, free time.
  • Include helping with tasks in the home and supporting family members into the child’s routine, this is good home learning.
  • Have some quiet reading time every day.
  • Periods of learning will give purpose and structure to the child’s day. Use their lesson timetable as a guide as to what subjects to focus on each day.
  • We expect pupils to attempt the learning that has been set and to work for between 30 and 50 minutes (not over) on each subject, importantly, then taking a 10 min break.
  • Each family will have a different method of managing this depending on their situation at home.
  • Home learning tasks will be added to the  SIMS Student App and Google Classroom on a Monday ready for the week ahead.
  • There are also links to ‘Resources to support home learning’ below.
  • Any questions can be emailed to help@edgbarrowschool.co.uk where we will endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. How long should my child be working for?
A. Work for between 30 and 50 mins maximum on each subject. Remembering to take a 10 min break before starting the next subject.

Q. Will a pupil get into trouble for not completing all the tasks?
A. No. Pupils will not get into trouble.

Q. What do we do if our child is finding the work difficult?
A. If they get stuck or need guidance they can contact their teacher via Google Classroom or email addresses on the website. Please be patient and they will get back to you as soon as they possibly can.

Q. I can’t print off the work, what should we do?
A. There is no requirement to print off documents, use the resource from the website and then use pen and paper to answer. (If you want to show the teacher you can take a photo and email it to them)

Q. I can’t work online as I am using a phone or tablet. What can I do?
A. Use the resource on the phone and then use pen and paper, you don’t have to work online.

Q. I can’t edit a PDF file.
A. We are only using PDF files for information so there will be no requirement to edit them, you can use pen and paper or open a separate word document.

Q.  How do I access my school email from home?
A.   Go to the school website and select the Login header, then Webmail.  Enter your school email address and school password.  You can also access your school email via remote desktop - more information on how to access remote desktop can be found at the end of this page.

Q. My child doesn’t know their username or password?
A. Username: the username is your child’s first name.surname@edgbarrowschool.co.uk. Password: The password is the pupil’s school password. If this needs resetting email help@edgbarrowschool.co.uk

Q.  How do I access my school email from home?
A.  Select this link and enter your school email address and school password.

Q. How do I log in to Google Classroom on my laptop/pc?
A. Select this link and enter your school email address and school password.  Then enter your username e.g. 19TBloggsJ (19 being the year you started at Edgbarrow, T being your tutor group, your surname and your initial (all one word).

Q. I can access Google Classroom but the Classes page does not load?
A. Make sure you are logged in to Google using your school email, then your username and school password.

Q. How do I download work from Google Classroom?
A.  To download work, students open up the assignment on Google Classroom and open the file...... select this link for more information

Q.  How do I use Google Meet?
A.  Talking to staff in person is very important for home learning, and working with other students is good for your progress and well-being. Here is the link for Google Meet or can be accessed online through Google Classroom.

Q.  I have logged out of SIMS Student and can't log back in.
A.  Close your app/browser on your device.  On a smartphone or Mac open the app, select Google and you will automatically log on.  On a PC select this link, then select Google and you will automatically log on.

Q.  I don't know my login details for Kerboodle, MyMaths, GCSEPod, Times Tables Rockstars or any other Edgbarrow online resource?
A.  Email help@edgarrowschool.co.uk and we will send you your login details.

Resources to help you with your Home Learning:

Google Classroom guide

Google Meet guide


Remote Desktop guide
iPhone/iPod/iPad, Chromebooks/Android

 GCSEPod guide

Online Resources - quick links


 SIMS Student App


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