Governing Body

All schools are managed by a Local Governing Body, which works closely with the Headteacher and senior staff to run the school in line with DfE and Local Authority guidelines.

The Edgbarrow Local Governing Body consists of two parent governors, one staff governor, the Headteacher ex officio and sixteen co-opted governors.  They are all volunteers who give their time and expertise free of charge to ensure that the school is run well, within budget and putting the needs and well-being of pupils and staff at the forefront.

As with any large organisation, the managers, in our case, the Governors, work on a number of committees which cover various aspects of the school's organisation. These include Curriculum, Finance & Buildings, Staffing, Pastoral and Effective Governance.

The Governing board has the following core strategic functions.

   Establishing the strategic direction, by:

  • Setting the vision, values, and objectives for the school

  • Agreeing on the school improvement strategy with priorities and targets

  • Meeting statutory duties

If you would like to find out more about the role of the Governors or if you wish to contact the Governors regarding a particular matter, please feel free to contact Celeste Moruzzi the Clerk to the Governing Body, via the school office. She will be able to direct your enquiry to the appropriate Governor or committee. All our Governors are very approachable.  If you would like to become a Governor of our school please select this link

Governing Body

  Committees/Special Roles
Parent Governors Mr Mack Allan - LGB, Finance & Buildings, Staffing
Mr David Boothe - LGB, Vice Chair of Governors; Chair of Curriculum; Effective Governance
Headteacher Mr Stuart Matthews - Headteacher; LGB, Curriculum, SLT Lead Finance & Buildings; Pastoral; Staffing; New Building working party
Staff Governors Ms Louise West - LGB, Curriculum, Staffing
Co-opted Governors Mrs Steph Blades - LGB, Curriculum, Pastoral, Staff Complaints Panel Lead
Mrs Rebekah Brumby - LGB, Curriculum, Pastoral; SEND Governor
Mr David Fivian - LGB, Curriculum, Staffing; ECO Team
Mr Peter Floyd - LGB, Pastoral, Staffing; Safeguarding, LA Liaison-Child Protection, Pupil Exclusions Panel Lead;  Liaison Governor in the event of allegation (child protection) against Headteacher
Mrs Alison Hancock - LGB, Finance & Buildings, Pastoral
Mrs Daphne Hill - LGB, Chair of Finance & Buildings; Effective Governance; Development Governor
Mrs Gill Howarth LGB, Curriculum, Pastoral; Pupil Premium Governor champion
Mr Steven James - LGB, Finance & Buildings; Staffing; Whistleblowing Complaints Panel Lead
Mr Richard McCready - LGB, Curriculum, Finance & Buildings; New Building working party
Ms Sasha Mead - LGB, Curriculum, Finance & Buildings
Mr Graham Oakley - LGB, Chair of Governors, Chair of Effective Governance, Staffing; Staff Discipline Panel Lead
Mrs Sarah Pemberton - LGB, Chair of Pastoral; Effective Governance, Finance & Buildings; Child Protection and Children in Care Governor (LAC); Safeguarding Governor
Mr Charles St Aubyn - LGB, Chair of Staffing; Effective Governance, Finance & Buildings; Recruitment Panel Lead
Mrs Lucy Stockwell - LGB, Effective Governance, Pastoral; e-Safety Governor
Mr Cliff Thompson - LGB, Finance & Buildings, Pastoral; New Building working party
Mr Royston Tinsley - LGB, Finance & Buildings, Staffing; Health & Safety Governor; Lead New Building working party
Associate Members
Members do not
have voting rights
Mr Stuart, Cook - LGB, New Build working party
Mr Paul Pemberton - LGB, New Building working party
Governors in past 12 months
Sept 2018 to date
Committees/Special Roles
Ms Alyson Guy FGB, Curriculum and Pastoral
Martin Ceaser FGB, Pastoral, Staffing; Child Protection and Children in Care (LAC), Staff Complaint Lead
Robert Elsey Ex Officio, Headteacher

Governor Appointment and Attendance



Term of Office Ends

No. of possible
Meetings 2017/18


Attendance %
(min 70% expected)

Parent Governors          
Mr Mack Allan 11.10.18 10.19.22      
Mr David Boothe 16.10.14 15.10.18 12 12 100
Mr Stuart Matthews 01.09.18 (Ex Officio)
Staff Governors          
Mrs L West
09.07.18 08.07.22      
Co-opted Governors          
Mrs Steph Blades 09.06.15 08.06.19 10 10  100
Mrs Rebekah Brumby 20.06.18 19.06.22      
Mr David Fivian 09.06.05 08.06.19 10 10  100
Mr Peter Floyd 09.06.15 08.06.19 10 9  90
Mrs Alison Hancock 14.11.18 13.11.22      
Mrs Daphne Hill 16.11.16 15.11.20  10 8  80
Mrs Gill Howarth 09.06.15 08.06.19 13 13  100
Mr Steven James 09.06.15 08.06.19 18 16  88.9
Mr Richard McCready 14.11.18 13.11.22      
Ms Sasha Mead 20.06.18 19.06.22      
Mr Graham Oakley (Chair) 09.06.15 08.06.19 13 11  84.6
Mrs Sarah Pemberton 16.11.16 15.11.20 10 9 90
Mr Charles St Aubyn 16.11.16 15.11.20 12 11 91.7
Mrs Lucy Stockwell
09.07.14 (Staff)
09.07.18 (Co-opted)
08.07.18 9



Mr Cliff Thompson 09.06.15 08.06.19 10 9  90
Mr Royston Tinsley 09.06.15 08.06.19 15 11  73.3
Mrs Louise West 09.07.18 08.07.22      
Associate Members          
Mr Stuart  Cook 14.11.18 13.11.20      
Mr Paul Pemberton 17.09.18 16.09.20      
Governors Clerk          
Celeste Moruzzi     24 24 100
Governors - past 12 Months     
Ms Alyson Guy 16.11.16 15.11.20 7 7 100
Rev Martin Ceaser 11.11.15 10.11.19 6 5 83.3

Register of Business Interests 2018-2019



Nature of Interest

Date Interest

Parent Governors      
Mr Mack Allan Baxter Storey LtdCaterlink (Subsidiary Company) Employer 2018
Mr David Boothe Edgbarrow School Parent of a child at Edgbarrow School 2014
Staff Governors      
Mr Stuart Matthews
Mrs Louise West
Edgbarrow School
Edgbarrow School
Headteacher at Edgbarrow School
Teacher at Edgbarrow School
Co-opted Governors      
Mrs Steph Blades Edgbarrow School NIL NIL
Mrs Rebekah Brumby
Edgbarrow School Parent of a child at Edgbarrow School 2018
Mr David Fivian NIL NIL NIL
Mr Peter Floyd Corvus Learning Trust
Kennel Lane School
Chair of Governors
Mrs Alison Hancock Edgbarrow School Parent of a child at Edgbarrow School 2018
Mrs Daphne Hill NIL NIL NIL
Mrs Gill Howarth NIL NIL NIL
Mr Steven James Corvus Learning Trust
Surrey & Hampshire Canal Cruises Ltd
John Pinkerton Canal Cruises Ltd
Partner: Oaklands School
Chair of Trustee

Chair of Governors

Mr Richard McCready
Yateley School Trustee  
Miss Sasha Mead Edgbarrow School Teacher at Edgbarrow School 2018
Mr Graham Oakley Corvus Learning Trust Trustee 2017
Mrs Sarah Pemberton Edgbarrow School
Parent of two children at Edgbarrow School
Director of building company focusing on Private Sector (Husband is MD)

Mr Charlie St Aubyn Edgbarrow School Parent of two children at Edgbarrow School 2015
Lucy Stockwell Edgbarrow School
Edgbarrow School
 Parent of a child at Edgbarrow School
Employee at Edgbarrow School
Mr Cliff Thompson Bracknell Forest Borough Council Local Government - Elected Member 1997
Mr Royston Tinsley Edgbarrow School NIL NIL
Governors - past 12 months
Sept - Aug 2018



Nature of Interest
Date Interest
Mrs K Roche   Wildmoor Heath School
Brakenhale School
Greenshaw Learning Trust
Various LAs/Schools
Chair of Governors
Chair of LGB
Education Consultancy
School Inspection

Mrs Nikki Mears   Edgbarrow School Parent of two children at Edgbarrow School
Mr Robert Wade   Bracknell Forest Homes-Housing association
Bracknell Forest Council
Crowthorne Parish Council

Board Member
Borough Councillor
Parish Councillor

Mr Robert Elsey Headteacher until 31.8.18 Edgbarrow School

Corvus Learning Trust
Headteacher at Edgbarrow School
Chief Executive Officer
Rev Martin Cesear Co-opted Governor until 15.3.18 Edgbarrow School

Crowthorne Hope Zone
Crowthorne Baptist Church
Pause Prayer Space
Mind the gap -Yr6-7 transition, team member
Trustee and Chair
Team Member


Updated Nov 2018

Governing Body and Committee Membership 2018-2019

Governor Attendance 2017-2018

Governor Register of Business Interests 2018-2019


Department for Education website
Governornet - information for School Governors
National Governors' Association