Student Surveys

At Edgbarrow we believe that in order to improve, we must have feedback from our stakeholders such as parents/carers and students.

Throughout the academic year, students are asked to complete a range of questionnaires about school life. This is then followed with asking for parental feedback from each year group.

Both surveys contribute to how we strategically improve Edgbarrow to ensure our students are getting an all-round, best experience.

2021 Student Surveys Feedback

Throughout the year different students’ complete surveys on:

-  Pride in School Values
-  Bullying and Behaviour
-  Understanding How I Learn
-  Environment
-  Safeguarding
-  Quality of Education
-  Inclusion and Equality
-  Personal Development
-  Year 6 Transition
-  Year 9 Options

Students are complimentary about Edgbarrow. The following are the highlights from each survey and are rated mostly and always true.

Pride in School Values

  • 91% of students said they were proud to go to Edgbarrow and would recommend this school to another young person.
  • 92% believe our school celebrates diversity and inclusion.
  • 92% know and believe in the school values; Ready Respectful Safe and Positive. (Increase by 1%).

Bullying and Behaviour

  • Increase in how many of you believe standards of behaviour are generally very good in class (from 86% to 92%).
  • 94% believe they are taught to be kind to people at this school.
  • 92% believe that school takes very good care of its students.

Understanding How I Learn

  • 93% believe you try your best even if you find work hard, showing resilience.
  • 92% believe you know what you need to do to improve your learning and progress.
  • Increase in how many students are proud of their work and presentation (6%).


  • 92% of students believe the school is an important part of the local community.
  • 93% of students believe they take care of their social spaces and treat them with respect.
  • 94% of students believe being “greener” is important for the future of the school.


  • 96% of students feel safe at school.
  • 93% of students said they are taught about sexual harassment.
  • 96% feel safe on commute/walking to school (increase 2%).

Quality of Education

  • 90% of students say their lessons are enjoyable.
  • 93% of students believe their teachers encourage them to do their best.
  • 96% of students believe teachers are well prepared and ready for lessons.
  • 91% of students believe they are encouraged to develop independent learning skills.

Inclusion and Equality

  • 92% of students believe the school teaches what diversity means and 92% understood this key concept.
  • 92% of students understand the Equality Act.
  • Increase in the number of students who believe all students are given the opportunity to succeed from 91% to 94%.

Personal Development

  • 96.4% of students believe there is an excellent range of co-curricular activities.
  • 90% of students believe there are opportunities for students to be involved in wider school life.
  • 91% of students believe that they are taught and understand about British values.
In 2021-22 you said and we have...
  • Introduced silent starters to lessons to support students with increasing their ability to remember.
  • Revised our RHSE and SMSC curriculum to ensure we are raising awareness of key issues: bullying, radicalisation, grooming, sexual assault, healthy relationships, mental health - all are being delivered this year.
  • Introduced fences and more security cameras to make sure the site is protected and enclosed so students feel safe.
  • Set up the Umbrella Club for students, led by the sixth form leaders.
  • Student led assemblies to have a role in key issues such as anti-bullying, Black History month and LGBTQ+ month.
  • Added destinations and career pathways to the option booklet for each subject, so students understand where their chosen subjects could, potentially take them in the future.
Areas for improvement for the next year are:
  • Having a greater variety of opportunities outside the classroom such as more clubs and ensure as many students take up these opportunities.
  • Reflect on the PSHE curriculum and include more interactive activities, workshops and ensure it is grittier and teaches about controversial topics.
  • Re-structure and launch roles for students such as Prefects and Peer Mentors.
  • Continue to celebrate all types of diversity, cultures and ensure Edgbarrow continues to be inclusive.
  • Increase opportunities for students to talk about mental and emotional health and learn how to keep emotions healthy. This will be demonstrated in PSHE, tutor time and whole school projects.