SEND Resources

At Edgbarrow, we provide for the individual needs of pupils; for more information go to our  Progress Department

Useful websites, courses and information

BF Information, Advice and Support Service (IASS)

IASS postcard

National Saturday Club - open to students of all abilities and
will help to build skills and confidence

About SEND Learning Hub about online safety

Learning Hub - connecting safely online

Bracknell Parent Forum - about us

Mental Health Services for Children & Young People

Happiful - a magazine devoted to mental health

Parenting Special Children - Diagnosis Support Service

Parenting Special Children - Events

Free online Autism Course - Understanding Autism

Nystagmus Network - video about Nystagmus

Berkshire Autistic Society website 

The National Autistic Society

ADHD and you

Tourettes Action website

The Dyspraxia Foundation 

Bracknell Forest EAL and Diversity website

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Childnet STAR Toolkit - a free online resource that offers practical advice and teaching activities
exploring internet safety with young people with autism spectrum disorders

HFT - is a national charity supporting people with learning disabilities and their families.

Kids - working with disabled children, young people and their families

Thomley Activity Centre - a recreational facility for disabled children, their families, friends, school and groups.



'go-karts' are available for session hire for any groups wishing to hire the space (subject to availability) as a fun activity or for birthday parties etc.

For further information and enquiries, please contact Leigh Barker, Children's Coordinator, direct line: 01344 355383 (no answerphone) or Edgbarrow Sports Centre: 01344 776211.

The organiser, Leigh Barker, is keen to continue with this activity whether after school or at the weekend. If your child is interested, please contact Leigh with when would be a good day and time so that we can consider starting another session.