Year Groups

Heads of Year, Deputy Heads of Year and Tutors can be contacted via email by selecting their name.

Year 7

HOY:  Mrs L West         
DHOY:  Mr O Johnson

7P  Mr J Woolman
7Q  Miss R Meyer
7R  Mr D Heaslewood
7S  Mr O Johnson
7T  Mr J Gilland
7U  Mrs L Catanach
7V  Mrs E Price

Attached SLT:
Mrs L Fletcher

Attached Tutors:
Mrs A Lawrance
Mrs J Gingell
Mrs A Warren

Year 9

HOY:  Mr M Jackson
DHOY:  Miss E Pilgrim

9P  Miss E Pilgrim
9Q  Miss Y Kadodia
9R  Miss A Mullane
9S  Mr D Simpson
9T  Mr T Fisher
9U  Miss R Miles
9V  Miss H Owens

Attached SLT:
Mrs H Gascoigne

Attached Tutors:
Mrs J Price
Mrs A Tolcher
Mrs J Giles
Mrs C Roylance

Year 11

HOYMiss R Knowles
DHOY: Miss J Madzelewski

11P  Miss J Madzelewski
11Q  Miss R Carr
11R  Mrs H Johnson
11S  Mr P Marshall
11T  Miss J Lyness
11U  Mrs S Mcadam
11V  Mr M Wintle

Attached SLT:
Mr M Burges

Attached Tutors:
Mrs K Brandist
Miss K Patterson

Mrs Hutchinson (on maternity leave)

Year 8

HOY:   Mrs J Cooper
DHOY:  Mr T Burrell

8P  Mr T Burrell
8Q  Mr J Fayers
8R  Miss H Threlkeld
8S  Mrs N Hartley
8T  Mr P Griffiths
8U  Mr J Russell-Smith
8V  Mrs G Briggs
8W  Mrs H Blazer

Attached SLT:
Mrs L Fletcher

Attached Tutors:
Mr Rousou
Mrs M Fulton
Mrs E Taylor

Year 10

HOY:  Mrs E McClatchie
DHOY: Mrs A Cruickshank

10P  Mrs S Blake
10Q  Mrs A Cruickshank
10R  Mrs J Crowe
10S  Mr V Shingadia
10T  Miss S Mead
10U  Miss C Selby
10V  Mr A Birch

Attached SLT:
Mr D Bibby

Attached Tutors:
Mrs C Thurgood