Post-16 Study Programmes

The purpose of a Study Programme is to provide a personalised curriculum that meets the needs of the individual.

A study Programme has several elements that are provided at Edgbarrow Sixth Form.

  • Level 3 Qualifications – a balanced programme of qualifications that support students to reach the next stage of their education or allow them to begin a career. At Edgbarrow we offer a range of academic and vocational qualifications. Generally students are expected to study for the equivalent of 3 A-Levels. There is also a Level 2 qualification involving Travel and Tourism, IT and Retail Business which also includes a day of work experience.
  • High-Quality Work Experience – purposeful, substantial and supervised placements. A relevant placement should support the students’ studies and broaden their understanding. Students are required to complete 30 hours’ work experience during Year 12. N.B. This has not been possible during the pandemic and is not a requirement for current Year 12.
  • Maths and English – Students are required to continue to study Maths and English until they have achieved at least a grade 4 at GCSE level.
  • Other Activities include: enrichment programmes, sport, dramatic productions, Duke of Edinburgh, pastoral sessions and supervised study.

It is important that students recognise that Post-16 education is about more than just the qualifications they achieve, and the Edgbarrow Sixth Form team will track and support all elements of a Study Programme.