About Careers, Work Experience and Work Related Learning

In line with the school’s vision to enable “all individuals to develop their talents and acquire skills for life” the Edgbarrow careers strategy aims to prepare students for an increasingly changing workplace with a programme designed to build transferable skills.ThamesValleyBerkshire Careers Hub

  • To help pupils build, identify and apply key skills
  • To give pupils an understanding of potential careers
  • To help pupils identify appropriate career choices by matching their skills to job requirements

The key cornerstones of the programme are:

  • The careers ladder, designed to help students build, identify and apply their unique key skills
  • Using the Gatsby benchmarks as a guide to the key deliverables
  • Exhibit best practice – retaining our Quality in Careers standard
  • Ensure current knowledge of the local and national job market and key skill requirements
  • Link into the school development plan and curriculum
  • Engage local business community

Having looked at the key skills for life-related to employability both nationally and locally, Edgbarrow believes that the current focus at school level should be on:

  • problem-solving
  • communication skills
  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • decision making
  • negotiation
  • adaptability
  • creativity

A detailed view of how we measure and assess the impact of the careers programme for students can be viewed here.

Careers education at Edgbarrow  School is learning about jobs, work ethics, equipping students with skills for the workplace, ensuring transition occurs smoothly and helping to reduce barriers to entering the world of work.

All students will have a careers interview in Year 11 and the option to do so in Years 12 and 13.  If you would like to have a careers appointment please speak to your tutor or the Careers Manager, Mrs Robinson.

If you wish to discuss the careers programme further, please email our Careers Manager Mrs Karen Robinson or our Careers Lead, Mrs Louise Fletcher.  Phone: 01344 722658.

Investors in Careers Statement

Our Careers Programme will be reviewed on annual basis in conjunction with our CEAIG Policy