16-19 Study Programme

All 16 - 19 students at Edgbarrow have the opportunity to take a study programme that reflects their prior attainment, strengths, education and career goals. The programme of study post-16 comprises qualifications from the following categories: academic A Levels; Vocational (Business, Health and Social Care and Sport); and Technical (IT). We also offer a Level 2 programme that comprises Business, Leisure and Tourism, IT and re-sit classes in English and Mathematics, for those who do not have a 4 or above. All qualifications have a set of entry requirements that ensure students are able to access their study programme successfully and with confidence. Students are guided through the process of choosing their subjects through a range of assemblies, an Open Evening, a Sixth Form Experience Day and an Induction Day. We also meet every student individually to discuss their study programme and the potential career pathways available to them.

The majority of post-16 students at Edgbarrow study A Levels. Most study three but some brighter students study four and others choose one or two A Levels alongside a Vocational or Technical qualification. Every combination is based on individual strengths and future ambitions and we strive to ensure that all students are challenged on an appropriate study programme. Exam entry at AS Level is limited to Further Maths. All other A Level subjects are two-year, linear courses.

Students who have not secured GCSE Mathematics or English Language grade 4 or above must attend lessons in these subjects during Year 12 and/or Year 13 until this grade is attained. We also offer stepping-stone qualifications: Functional Skills in English and Maths, and EAL courses. This ensures that students are able to make good progress, even if they do not succeed in the GCSE courses.

A large majority of our Sixth Form students go on to study at university (usually 65%-70%). We have an excellent programme of support and guidance for students, including a Post-Sixth Form day where we introduce UCAS and discuss with them the range of opportunities they have. We also ensure that all students write a personal statement/profile at this time, so that whichever future pathway they choose, they are able to apply appropriately. We run several information evenings for parents and students, one for UCAS, a second for Student Finance and a third for Apprenticeship guidance. We give all students individual support, no matter their future pathway.

Careers advice and guidance is very strong. We have very good links with employers, who come into the Sixth Form for our Careers Fayre and our ‘Speed-dating’ event, which is fun. Guests come in individually to speak to the students at other times about their company, role or career, and quite often these guests are Edgbarrow alumni. We feel that this is a powerful, personal way to inspire our students.

All of this is supported by an extensive work-related learning programme, offering work experience placements, mentoring and employment opportunities to our students.

The Sixth Form also offers a good (and growing) range of extra-curricular or enrichment activities to develop our students’ soft skills, build their character and develop values that will support them in their future lives. We want our students to be academically successful but it is equally important that they are aware of the importance of looking after others and themselves so that they go out into the world as confident, strong and positive young people who will contribute generously to society.

It is important that students recognise that Post-16 education is about more than just the qualifications they achieve and the Edgbarrow Sixth Form team will track and support all elements of a Study Programme.

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