Boys Uniform

Trousers: *Harrow grey, no stretch fabrics (Trutex or SWI) - not skinny fit
Skirt: *Harrow grey, knee-length stitched down pleats. NO stretch fabrics (Trutex or SWI)
Blouse: Pale blue, polycotton blouse with revere collar (short “unrolled” or long sleeves) tucked into the waistband
Blazer: Dark blue with Edgbarrow badge (SWI)
Jumper: (Optional) Plain navy with V-neckline and Edgbarrow logo (SWI)
Shoes: Black leather or leather type with backs and a low heel. Canvas/material shoes are not acceptable for safety reasons
Tights: Grey, navy, black or neutral
Socks: Plain grey, navy or black (worn appropriately)

  * Harrow grey = dark grey



PE Kit

  • S-tec Milan shorts with Edgbarrow lettering *
  • Polo shirt with Edgbarrow badge *
  • Sports socks with Edgbarrow lettering *
  • 1/4 Zip Top with Edgbarrow logo*
  • Navy Blue Training Pants with Edgbarrow lettering (optional) *
  • S-tecX Thermal Baselayer – navy (optional)*
  • S-tec Skort – navy/white (optional)*
  • Astro trainers suitable for use on grass throughout the year
  • Shin pads are compulsory for all football and hockey lessons and after-school clubs and matches
  • Gum shields are compulsory for all contact rugby and all hockey lessons and afterschool clubs and matches

*supplied by Sportswear International (SWI)

Changing of PE Kit for Sept 2019