Covid-19 2021/2022

This area will be regularly updated with Covid-19 information for parents/carers.

Academic Year 2021-2022

Letter to Parents/Carers - 16th Sept
Letter to Parents/Carers - 1st Sept

Covid Outbreak Plan - Sept 2021 

COVID Cases Guidance - Sept 2021

Consent Form for Covid Testing
Privacy Notice for ATS Testing



July 2021

September 2021 Covid Testing arrangements -16th July

June 2021

Letter to Parents/Carers 25th June 2021

Letter to Parents/Carers (Surge Testing) - 17th June

Letter to Parents/Carers (Covid measures) - 17th June

Letter to Parents/Carers - 5th June

May 2021

Letter to Parents/Carers - 13th May

April 2021

Letter to Parents/Carers - 30th April

Letter to Parents/Carers - 1st April

Newsletter - Spring Term 2021

March 2021

Letter to Parents/Carers - 12th March

Letter re Home Testing - 12th March

Timetable, School Timings and what to do from
12th March

Letter to Parents/Carers-March return to school
 - 8th March

Year 11 / Year 12 Summer Exams 2021

February 2021

Letter to Parents/Carers - 26th Feb

Self-administering the test - 26th Feb

Letter to Parents/Carers - 23rd Feb

Letter to Parents/Carers: Screen-Free afternoon - 24th Feb

Screen-Free Afternoon Curriculum Activities - 24th Feb

Letter to Parents/Carers - 1st February

Online Learning Student Expectations 1st February

 January 2021 -

Year 9 Options Google Form Letter - 22nd January

Core PE Letter to Parents/Carers - 19th January

Letter to Parents/Carers - 19th January

Letter to Parents/Carers - 14th January

Letter to Parents/Carers - 4th January

Risk Assessment - 04.01.2021

Summer 21 Arrangements

Teacher Assessment Grades - A Level

Teacher Assessment Grades - GCSE

Centre Policy 2021

Student guide to awarding in summer 2021

Malpractice Policy

Awarding your BTEC Level 3 Qualifications



Appeals Process

Summer 2021 Student Guide - what to do if you think there has been an error in your grading.

JCQ Guidance for Students & Parents

Student Request Form and Appeals Form

Result Days

 incl. Vocational subjects:

A-Level incl. vocational - 10th August 2021
GCSE incl. vocational - 12th August 2021 

The government has released a consultation
and parents and students are invited to participate.

Letter re Summer Examinations - 7th January 2021

Assessment FAQs

Oak National Academy - Summer 2021 Classroom 

Risk Assessment Fully Reopening Covid-19 v.10 - May 2021

Remote Education Provision - Jan 2021

Covid-19 Catch-up Grant - Nov 2020

16-19 Tuition Covid Catch-up Fund - Feb 2021