Performing Arts

Key Staff

Miss Carr - Head of Key Stage 4
Mrs McAdam - Head of Key Stage 5

Key Stage 4

Performing Arts - Level 2 Technical Award
Performing Arts

BTEC Performing Arts are not just about acting, music and dance. The course inevitably covers all sorts of transferable skills that will be useful throughout life in the two years it runs; communication, presentation/public speaking, problem-solving, time management and initiative. Pupils follow a practical course with no written examination and a small amount of form all written work throughout the 3 different topics. Within units of work designed to explore performance styles, techniques and the Performing Arts business, pupils will develop their skills in working as a team, taking on different roles and responsibilities as well as working independently. Not only do they learn a subject-specific language and key terms, but they will use analysis skills both written and verbal to explore working processes, in planning and building a project, with studying scripts, characters and performance. They will also, of course, continue to improve and refine their performance skills. 

Curriculum Intent

In Performing Art we intend to inspire our students to develop their acting skills, be creative and be resilient and reflective not only in the subject but as a person. This will enable them to be effective performers as well as kind and well-rounded members of the community.

Summary of the Edexcel Performing Arts BTEC Course

Unit Title


Exploring the Performing Arts
Students will develop their understanding of the performing arts by examining practitioners work and the processes used to create a performance. Students will take part in practical workshops to explore these styles and techniques.


Developing skills and techniques in the Performing Arts
In this unit, students develop their performing arts skills and techniques through the reproduction of acting, dance and/or musical theatre. Students will learn how a production team works and produce a workshop performance.


Performing to a brief
Students will be given the opportunity to work as part of a group to produce a workshop performance in response to a given brief and stimulus.



Year 10 Curriculum Assessment Plan

Year 11 Curriculum Assessment Plan

Level 3 BTEC Performing Arts

The Performing Arts BTEC at Level 3 is equivalent to one A-Level and will be completed over two years. Throughout the two year course students will study three mandatory units and one optional unit; an examined paper where pupils investigate a practitioners' work, a project developing practical skills, a group devised piece as well as a variety performance show. The course is highly practical and students will need to commit to rehearsals.

Year 13 Curriculum Assessment Plan 

For further information regarding our Performing Arts Curriculum please email:
Miss Carr 
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