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Royal Air Force

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With over 55 different roles available in the Royal Air Force, Whatever job you do, you’ll gain professional skills and qualifications. Roles are available in the following work areas; Aircrew, Intelligence, Logistics, Engineering, Force Protection, Medical and Medical Support, Personnel Support and Air Operations.
There are frequent operational detachments and you could go on exercises to places like North America, Africa and Europe. In the RAF you will be stretched and challenged every day. You will achieve more than you thought possible, and you will earn the professional respect of others as a part of our team. 

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Royal Navy 
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& Royal Marines

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Royal Navy Recruitment

Education Awareness Team (EAT)

Royal Marines personify courage, selflessness and positivity in the face of any challenge. Ready to deploy anywhere, in all conditions by land, sea or air, on the frontline of combat and humanitarian aid operations.

Being in the Royal Marines is a state of mind: one that’s projected by the famous green beret, and protected by a unique camaraderie and unity. 

Royal Marine Commando Team

Recruit Orientation Phase (ROP)

Merchant Navy Training

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