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NEA requirements

GCSE Geography

 GCSE Science





AQA have worked with The Student Room to update our series of exam and revision tips for Summer 2022 for their biggest subjects.
We’ve updated our exam advice to take into account the advance information and adaptations for this summer’s exams, and we’ve included lots of useful tips.

GCSE, AS and A-Level students Infographic showing support

Cambridge Nationals and Cambridge Technical students Infographic showing support.


GCSE, AS and A-Level students Infographic showing support.

Ofqual has published the following guides to support students this summer:

Our student web pages also have lots of helpful information, including guidance on managing exam stress, and a list of support services should they need them.

Advanced Notification from Exam Boards for Summer 2022 Exams

Art and Photography

There is no exam for both GCSE and A-level Art and Photography. 100% of students grades will be based on their coursework. Here is the link to AQA’s website and the information it shares: https://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/art-and-design/as-and-a-level/art-and-design-7201/changes-for-2022


Business and Economics

GCSE Economics

GCSE Business

A-Level Economics

A-Level Business


Computer Science and IT 

GCSE Computer Science

IT (Creative iMedia)
Students received TAGs for the coursework & exam in Year 10, based on their classwork. Students are now completing their final Website coursework unit, which will be submitted in May alongside their Graphics coursework unit. Therefore there is no advance information, as the students do not have a final examination. 

A-Level Computer Science 

IT (Cambridge Technical Double & Single)
Students have already sat their external examinations for their course, alongside all their Year 12 units of work already submitted & graded by the exam board. The students are currently completing their final coursework units, with deadlines being set weekly and final submissions ready for June. Therefore there is no advance information necessary for these two qualifications


Level 2 IT (KS5 Level 2)
Due to the course being a 1-year qualification, the students have also already sat their external examinations and therefore there is no advance information necessary for this qualification. 

Design and Technology 

(see Paper 1DT0/1C on page 5)

A-Level D&T

(see page 15)

Hospitality & Catering
(see page 21) 

Drama and Theatre 

GCSE Drama



GCSE English 

A-Level English 



There has been no advanced info for GCSE as exams have been modified and reduced.

A-Level Geography




A-Level History (Germany)

A-Level History (Tudors)



GCSE French

GCSE German

GCSE Spanish

A-Level French

A-Level German



GCSE Maths (Foundation Tier)

GCSE Maths (Higher Tier) 

AS Level Further Maths

A-Level Maths

A-Level Further Maths




Physical Education


A-Level PE




A-Level Politics


Religious Studies

GCSE Religious Studies

A-Level Religious Studies



GCSE Biology

GCSE Chemistry

GCSE Physics

GCSE Combined Science (Trilogy) 

A-Level Biology 

A-Level Chemistry

A-Level Physics


Social Science

GCSE Psychology

GCSE Sociology

A-Level Psychology

A-Level Sociology

A-Level Law

Exam Timetables for Summer 2022 examination series


A-Level, AS, Level 3 certificates, Functional Skills, and Applied General

 GCSE, AQA Certificate, ELC, FCSE, Projects and L1/L2 Awards

WJEC and Eduqas

AS and A-Level


Vocational and Other General Qualifications


A-Level key dates and timetables

GCSE key dates and timetables


Pearson Edexcel AS and A-level

 Pearson Edexcel GCSE

Instructions for candidates ahead of examinations

This video should be watched by all candidates before they sit their examinations to ensure they understand the rules and regulations.

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AQA - 2022 Exam Changes

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A-Level Results Day - 18th August 2022
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