School Fund - FAQs

The national press is reporting that funding for education is protected, so why has Edgbarrow been negatively affected?
Funding at a national level is protected for school spending (excluding Post 16). Edgbarrow loses out as a result of how funding is distributed – money is diverted from the national budget to support specific areas such as pupil premium, deprivation and special needs. As a school, we have a comparatively low ‘need’ in these areas and consequently, the formula does not protect individual schools.

What about the new National Funding Formula?
This is good news for Edgbarrow School.  It means a minimum basic funding level has been introduced.  This is being phased in over a number of years to protect schools who may have lost a significant amount as a result of the formula.  For Edgbarrow, it means we expect at least a 3% increase in September 2019.

How has the school found itself in this situation?
The school is financially well managed. For a number of years growth in numbers has helped to limit the impact.  But, we are short of space and cannot continually grow to generate more revenue.  Nationally it is estimated that schools have had an 8% real terms cut.

Has the school made representations about the level of funding?
Yes! We have we have written to the local authority, parents and met with our MP.

Does JustGiving charge a fee?
Yes. We feel that the fee charged by JustGiving is reasonable for the service offered; in addition, the ease of use, a range of payment methods and efficient administration of Gift Aid makes it the most effective method.

Do we have to give £60?
The payment is a voluntary donation there is absolutely no compulsion. We consulted on how much to ask for and £5 per month seemed to be the consensus opinion. Parents can, of course, choose to donate any amount. We are grateful for whatever we receive.

How much does the school actually need?
Our parents and carers have been very generous.  The school fund generates about £20,000 per year.  This has helped us maintain staff levels and also provides equipment and materials for students.

I’m unable to give £60 is there any other way we can help?
Yes! The school holds regular painting and gardening days – these save us a huge amount of money. We are also very grateful to parents responding promptly to requests for information, this can save us time, money and postage.  Involvement with the PTA also helps us to run events and raise funds.

Is there anything else we can do to support the school?
We are open to any ideas! In particular, if your company has access to community grants we would love to know. We would also be grateful for support for the PTA events and fundraising through events such as the sponsored walk.

Should you have any queries or comments regarding the School Fund please send them to

Updated Feb 2019