Students applying to and offers made by Activate Learning Group

Activate Learning Letter to Year 11

Any Year 11 student that has applied and not attended an offer event will get a conditional offer. This applies to any of you who have applied for a place at one of the colleges within their group, this includes Bracknell and Wokingham College.

The conditions will be meeting the grades needed for the course and meeting the faculty either before or at enrolment (dependent on the situation as time goes on).

Each student will receive a call for the admissions team to check their details are correct and to find out if they have learning needs or a criminal conviction. If they need to be assessed for either they will get a call from Student Services. Once this has been completed a conditional offer will be sent out.

Activate Learning should start phoning later in the week, but they have nearly 1000 students to call in Berkshire so it will take a few weeks to get to them all.