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Labour Market Information (LMI)

Starting Out in Berkshire LMI Guide

Berkshire Labour Market Information 2020

Future of Work 2020-2030

Berkshire Opportunities

The School Leaver 200 - ranks the top 200 employers in the UK as voted for by school leavers. It offers advice and information on the vast range of employer programmes available such as higher apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships, as well as advice for those going to university full time. - Online work experience and careers days for students aged 14-17

BCA - College Insights Sessions 2021

icanbea... virtual employer tours

The Careers & Enterprise Company - My Week of Work Links

What difference can you make as an Allied Health Professional - webinars

 Virtual Talks

These are free live-streamed talks from top leading figures in their field for all young people to attend. No registrations or downloads are needed. 

Schedule for VTalks

Careers in accountancy, banking & finance - resource pack & worksheet

NHS Careers Guide

Learn new digital skills: work-life - skills for tomorrow


 Youth Panel - University of Reading - for students aged 14 – 18. We meet regularly during term time to work on a variety of exciting projects which are great for developing a range of transferable skills.

Celebrating Key Workers During Covid-19
Worcestershire Careers Hub has created a series of resources and activities for KS3 and KS4 exploring the roles of Key Workers in eight industry sectors.

Key Worker Overview

Key Worker KS3 Activity 

Key Worker KS4 Activity

YE Learning Zone 
Online courses are designed to support young people to develop the vital skills to look after their money.  
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Key Stage 3

Key Workers: Engineering
From a Fragrance Finder, or Power Pioneer through to a Body Rebuilder - discover engineers’ roles and inspirations.

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Key Workers: NHS
Considering a career in the NHS, explore the wide range of roles here

View NHS Video Presentations to find out more.

Key Workers: Parliament
Introduce students to the work and roles of Parliament including the structure of Parliament and our democracy, making laws, elections and voting.

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National Careers Week 
Activities - Resources to use to get students thinking about their own skills, and their future careers.

Key Stage 4

Key Workers: NHS
Explore the wide ranging roles within the NHS. Real-life stories and films, compare role tool and Find Your Career quiz.

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Key Workers: Roles in Biology
Developed by The Royal Society of Biology helps teachers highlight future careers and opportunities studying bioscience subjects beyond school.

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Key Stage 4 & 5

World Cancer Day
Working as a Therapeutic Radiographer in Oncology 

Considering a career in the NHS

The Aspiring Medic's Support (TAMS)

TAMS Mentoring programme, free personal statement support, Medical Concepts Webinar Series and much more.  
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Join the Aspiring Medics Network (BAME students Yrs 10-13+)

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Virtual Medical Work Experience

Brighton & Sussex Medical School provides a 'virtual' work experience for students looking to apply to medical school.
See link for more information.
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Key Stage 5

Post-16 Home Learning Careers Projects

Three projects from Cornwall Careers Hub to support Post-16: University project, Apprenticeship including Jobs Project and a Well Being Project.  Find out more

Key Stage 5

Side Quest - video game design

Great for students that build or want to build their own games. Free resources and industry professionals guiding students through the process.  Find out more

Work It - careers talks with young people
Meet Alex, a bright and brilliant apprentice in the Cabinet Office. As a disabled person, he has had different things to consider when making choices about university and choosing his career. His message is a determined mindset can overcome any obstacle.  Find out more.


Berkshire Enterprise Adviser Network

'Work-it' Campaign

The CEC has produced a series of career talks from young people to young people, with a focus on recent transition from education to the world of work. A new film will be released each week across a range of sectors. Keep an eye out on the CEC's social media for new films to share with your students.

YouTube - #CECWorkit




Founders 4 Schools Digital response

Founders 4 Schools continues to host regular career role model events, with up to three 10-minute sessions being offered online each week. The sessions are aimed at students and feature a Q&A section.
They can be found here.

STEM Learning 

To support parents and carers with home learning, STEM Learning's subject experts have put together a selection of activities and materials, all of which are completely free for everyone to access.
STEM Learning Home Support

Smashing stereotypes - Careers in Science and Engineering